SCADA Industrial v.5


The world has changed thanks to the communications revolution, creating a new industrial experience, encompassing intelligent machines, advanced analytics systems and global communication.

At Aseprel we provide SCADA, the the Supervision, Control and real time Data and record Acquisition tool, for process optimization.

Advances in technology and our know-how can turn your facility into a intelligent building, completely efficient through control and manageable in one click.

In addition, this process contributes to the reduction of CO2, contributing a greatimprovement to the environment.



Real-time monitoring systems allow us to know what is happening in the production line through programmable alarms and historical data.

Small and large companies

Both companies and offices can have a historical data model that allows a rigorous analysis through fully customizable tables and graphs.

Multi-point retail management

From anywhere in the world and with a single device you can control all the locations of any type of store, supermarket or office.


The development of the SCADA application is based on the client's needs, creating display screens, reports, alarms according to consumption, processes, devices or any other requirement.

By installing data receivers at various points of the facility to be monitored, we can find out what is happening and even control the opening or closure of resources.

The steps to follow for the implementation of an energy management planson:

  • Proposal for a saving and efficiency measure.
  • Selección e implementación de medidas.
  • Control, medición y verificación herramienta SCADA.


Reactive energy compensation: In the previous consult, we analyze the electrical network and reactive consumption with the aim of supplying, installing and monitoring all the necessary elements (capacitor banks, switches, regulators, etc.)

  • Consumption savings: The implementation of an energy management plan allows companies to reduce costs and improve the commercial margin compared to their competitors.
  • Correction of inefficiencies: The SCADA tool will allow the client to have a real-time auditor of the processes they wish to monitor in order to establish continuous improvement.
  • Environment: With real-time monitoring systems, we control the self-supply process, prioritize consumption, obtain information at all times and resolve production incidents . All this helps us to reduce the CO2 impact.