We are daring, not reckless


1995. Aseprel is born, as a company specializing in electrical advice and distribution of electrical equipment in the industrial sector.

1997. Installation of the first electrical consumption monitoring systems in systems based on MS-DOS / Windows 95.

2000-2005. We expanded our activity with computerized management and control of electrical energy. During these years, we have implemented a multitude of computer systems for the control and acquisition of data in national referents facilities.

2007-2008. We opened a new line of business contributing our previous experience in monitoring systems to the field of renewable energies with SCADA for the supervision of photovoltaic plants .

2009-2015. Aseprel assumes new challenges outside our borders, taking an international leap in the monitoring of photovoltaic plants in Italy, France, USA, Japan , etc.

2016. Creation of a own management and reporting platform to unify the different market software used in photovoltaic plants.

2019. Strong growth in SCADAS and PPC control systems in facilities around the world

2021. We significantly strengthened the human team and expanded our facilities with a new plant.

2023.  Obtenemos las  Certificaciones ISO 9001. Sistema de Gestión de Calidad e ISO 14001. Sistema de Gestión Medioambiental.

News. Aseprel has managed to be an international leader in the renewable energy sector, in public organization and companies in the industrial field.



  • Energy efficiency – We are committed to the present and future of sustainable energy.
  • Commitment – We guarantee an extraordinary improvement in the monitoring of our clients' facilities.
  • Innovative and technological brand – We advise using a functional and analytical approach for all the products and services we offer.
  • Professionalism – We ensure the trust and safety of all projects.
  • Excellence – We prioritize customer service and quality.