Quality Management System


Environmental Management System



At Aseprel, we are a technology company based on the implementation and maintenance of computer systems and communication networks for the monitoring and management of process data in energy and industrial production plants. We offer data hosting services and distribute electrical and electronic products.


Thanks to our extensive experience in technology and innovation, we have customised and adapted solutions to cover any need related to energy control, indirectly influencing with a positive impact on the environment.


We identify Aseprel as an innovative and technological brand, committed to the present and the future of sustainable energy, guaranteeing our clients an extraordinary improvement in the performance of their installations through a functional and analytical approach.


  • Energy Efficiency ? We are committed to the present and the future of sustainable energy.
  • Commitment ? We guarantee an extraordinary improvement in the monitoring of our clients' installations.
  • Innovative and technological brand ? We advise on a functional and analytical approach to all the products and services we offer.
  • Professionalism ? We ensure the reliability and security of all projects.
  • Excellence ? We put customer service and quality first.

Management system

At Aseprel we are convinced of the need and importance of proper quality, environmental and information security management and that is why we define our management system on the following policies:

  • Comply with all requirements applicable to our products and services, both those voluntarily agreed and those required by law.
  • To work on improving the products and services offered to our customers in order to meet and improve their expectations.
  • Protecting the environment, including pollution prevention.
  • Assess and control the risks to the security of the information handled by the organisation.
  • Comply with all legislation applicable to our activity in the areas of quality, environment and information security, as well as any voluntary commitment acquired for the improvement of the management system in these areas.
  • To work permanently on the continuous improvement of the management system.
  • Establish annual improvement targets for quality, environment and information security.